Deductive Reasoning

23 May

The wait was not long. Two days later I had a message waiting for me in my inbox.  Anna* had dinner with her mom and dad and after some discussion seemed to have narrowed down the possibilities. If we were second cousins as the test predicted, that would mean we share great grandparents. We knew that we did not share great grandparents on my mother’s side so it had to be on my father’s side.

When ancestry gives you a DNA relative match, it also gives you a list of your shared matches. Anna’s mother and maternal grandmother had also taken the test. Neither came back as a match to me. That meant the connection had to be on her father’s side which quickly eliminated half the options!

Once we had that all figured out, Anna gave me a list of her great grandparents on her dad’s side. It occurred to her that she had been contacted by Shannon Wayne. They had not talked much, just enough to know which part of the tree they connected on. They had never looked at where they actually intersected on the tree.

Anna asked me if Shannon Wayne was on my list of matches. If so, she connected with Anna on Anna’s father’s maternal side. That meant that if Shannon was on my list I connected with Anna on her father’s mother’s side. If she was not on my list, we connected on her father’s paternal side. Either way, it would rule out half of the possibilities.

What do you know?!? Shannon was right there on my list as a predicted 4th cousin! In a matter of days I went from not a clue on how to try to find my biological father to finding a second cousin thorough whom maybe, just maybe I might be able to solve the 37 year old mystery!

With this new found information, Anna and her parents pieced together a mini family tree of her great parents all the way down through Anna. They crossed out all the females and males that were too young to be my father or who had not been born yet. That left us with about three options. THREE. Unless I was somehow mistaken in my deductive reasoning, I was so close!!


*For the purposes of this blog name have been changed in order to protect identities. After all, while I am excited about this new adventure, we are dealing with someone else’s family. The last thing I would want to do is somehow accidentally cause a reveal of information that could hurt a family via the internet!


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