Curiosity Killed the Cat!

10 May

Yeah right! Anyone who knows me knows that I am far too curious a cat to let my story end there!!! 23 & Me taught me some really cool things about myself. I am still fascinated to this day as I pour over the results. It even matched me up with DNA relatives who have also taken the test. The closest relative I found fell into the 2nd – 5th cousin range and was predicted to be my 3rd cousin. Not really much there to go on and of course discouraging. I reached out to several of my matched and many people did not respond to me.

I did have one response. It was from someone on my mother’s side. I know this because we shared a surname. He and I chatted and were able to trace our connection back which was really neat. I love the concept of taking two people with information and tracing back into time to find out where they intersect. It is fascinating and while definitely a challenge it is so exciting at the end when you fit the last piece of the puzzle.

Seeing that 23 & Me was able to match me with relatives got the wheels turning. I realized rather quickly that even if I got matched with people on my biological father’s side, it would be nearly impossible to identify that match. All I had were guesses regarding the heritage and no surnames or anything to compare. BUT…..I had done so much work on my biological mother’s side. Why not try to find some of those relatives. That should be relatively easy in the scheme of things. Well, maybe easier if I could link up my family tree with my DNA test.

Shortly after doing the 23 & Me test, I started seeing commercials for Ancestry DNA. I didn’t think it would have much to offer on the genetics as it seemed like it was focused more on just the ancestry portion. I wasn’t sure if i really wanted to spend another $100 on this.

I thought about the pros and cons and it all came down to….I probably won’t learn anything new genetically but because is where most people do their family trees (including me) maybe it will help me find a more broad range of relatives that I will actually be able to trace using our family trees. After all, I had found relatives before. I even met one in person that I had been talking to for years when I went down to Florida on vacation. Why not give it a shot. It won’t hurt.

So in December 2016, I bought myself a Christmas present and started the process all over again. I spit in the cup, sent it off and waited.


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